SBS Steel Belt Systems Test Centre

SBS Test Center

As part of the continuous development of its machines, SBS Steel Belt Systems launched last year its new Test Center, equipped with steel belt machinery to test customers’ products and with other equipment to carry our physical tests of the various processed products.
With regards to sulphur, reference is made specifically to the laboratory equipment necessary to examine and classify sulphur pastilles produced by SBS machinery according to SUDIC regulations.
The equipment includes:

  • Thermobalance to detect products’ humidity rate
  • Rotating tumbler to simulate the stress sulphur pastilles undergo during handling
  • Press to simulate storage stress load
  • Angle of repose
  • Vibrating screen with sieves to determine the granulometric curve of pastilles.

As far as machinery is concerned, our pastillator SUPERACCUDROP HP is now available for the pastillation of products at high speed.
Our equipment also allows to treat asphaltene and other chemical products in general, for which we can perform tests with pre-crystallizers for crystalline products.

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