Quality and Safety Policy

SBS Steel Belt Systems S.r.l. (SBS) designs and manufactures machinery of medium-high technological level in its production site of Venegono Inf. (VA).

SBS is leader in the field of industrial machinery for chemical, petrochemical, food, rubber and powder coatings industries; it offers complete cooperation during the study, the design and the manufacturing of the machinery for its customers.
SBS Management foresees the administration of the company’s activities through the application of the Integrated Quality, HS and ATEX Products Management System, in the viewpoint of a continuous improvement of the efficaciousness of performance, both concerning manufacturing of our products, as well as health and safety of workers and employees.
SBS has also implemented an Organizational Model and has drawn up a Code of Ethics, according to the requirements foreseen by the Italian legislative Decree Dlgs.231/2001, integrating it with the Quality and HS Management System.
The objectives are established and reviewed on occasion of the Review of the System once a year.
The company is managed on the base of decisions taken by a Directive Team which is highly specialized in the various company departments.
The system works through organizational and technical actions which are applied in a synthetic, planned and documented way, with the following goals:

Optimizing the trinomial “costs-quality-quantity” to operate with competitiveness in the market;
Conducting the company processes in compliance with the legal prescriptions in force and with the other undersigned prescriptions, particularly with a responsible behaviour which takes care also of occupational health & safety;
Satisfying the Customer through a punctual supply of products and quality services, which comply with law requirements and with arranged, competitive, error-free requirements that meet customers’ needs;
Preventing accidents and occupational diseases connected with the individual risks.
In order to achieve the established objectives the company adopts measures to:

Streamline the organization, the productive cycle, the flow of information and of materials
Plan the main and secondary processes which are necessary to the products realization and the provision of services
Train all workers through training programs targeted at the acquisition of specific skills, so that they can operate with the necessary expertise and with the awareness of the risks connected with each one’s activity and of the ways to operate in the best safety conditions.
Sensitize the personnel at all levels as for the :

  • achievement of the company goals and of the relevant implementation programs;
  • respect of Procedures and Operative Instructions;
  • fulfilment of the prescriptions of the Quality, Safety and Atex Products Management System;
  • respect of the Ethic Code and of the Organizational Model according to the Dlgs. 231/2001.

Verify periodically the economical results through an accounting management system.
For this purpose SBS Management commits itself, through providing human, instrumental and economical resources, to have this policy understood, actuated and supported by all company levels, as well as to provide it to all third parties interested in the Company Activities.
The Management commits itself to periodically review the Quality and Safety Policy in order to confirm or update it according to the needs, the objectives and the context, with the aim of supporting the strategic plans of SBS.

SBS Certification

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Certificate BS OHSAS 18001:2007

Code of Ethics

ATEX Certificates according to Directive 2014/34/EU