History and location

azienda SBS STEEL BELT SYSTEMS S.r.l. (SBS) was established in 1984. Her main task is that to design and build continuous process conveyors, equipped with endless steel belts from BERNDORF for a wide range of applications within the chemical, petrochemical, plastic, food, rubber and powder coating industries. SBS is a member of the international group BERNDORF (AUSTRIA).
SBS headquarter is located in Venegono Inferiore (VA) – Italy. A Pilot Test Centre is also located in the same premises for the development of new industrial processes – either directly developed or studied in cooperation with the customers.
A Powder Coatings Division, used also as Test Centre for research of new applications, is present in Sicily, in the South of Italy.

SBS Steel Belt Systems is proud to announce that our company’s fleet of vehicles for technical after sales service has been recently renewed. New dedicated and well equipped vans are always ready to leave in order to quickly reach our customers located in Italy and Central Europe. For extra-European customers our proximity to the international airport of Milan Malpensa allows us to minimize travel time.


SBS also holds the majority shares of the American company SBS STEEL BELT SYSTEMS USA Inc. – USA, operating in the same industrial fields.

Typical continuous process systems using endless steel belts are Coolers-Flakers / Coolers-Pastillators / Double belt coolers / Coolers with double mixed effect / Belt reactors / Continuous driers with perforated belts / Freezers with belt.

SBS holds two important patents:


Feeding/Pastillating device ROLLDROP®, which represents the new generation of dropformers and which operates in a simple way: the product is fed at controlled temperature onto a roller rotor, whose shell is equipped with teeth having constant shape and pitch. The liquid product then gathers in drops on the back of each tooth, thanks to a complementary comb in touch with the toothed roller.

The drops are then deposited on the cooled steel belt thanks to the centrifugal and gravitational force and solidify into pastille form.
ROLLDROP® pastillator is fit for:

  • continuous production of regular drops without dust and fines;
  • open costruction for easier cleaning and maintenance;

and it grants:

  • low production retention time on heated area to avoid any product degeneration;
  • application versatility for medium and low viscosity products.


Double mixed effect cooling conveyor.
This machine is employed to cool down liquid and doughy products, such as: powder coatings, resins, masterbatches, etc. and it reduces the cooling time especially for products with low thermal conductivity